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Diving in South Florida

Recommended Dive Reefs, Dive & Snorkel Equipment, and Dive Tours for South Florida

Dive and Snorkel Options Fort Lauderdale

Diving South Florida
Photo Courtesy of Tom Richardson Photography

Greater Fort Lauderdale is  home to many choices of prime dive sites and marine life. From Deerfield Beach to Hallandale Beach, a unique natural 3-tiered reef system begins in 20 feet of water just 100 yards from shore at its closest point. There are more than 75 artificial reefs and 100 dive sites on the ocean's floor with splendors of fish and reef life.

Did you know that Greater Fort Lauderdale was named in the Top Ten World's Best Wreck Diving, Marine Life and Value Dive Destination by the readers of Scuba Diving magazine.

If You Have Your Own Boat: Dive Sites


Barracuda Reef - lat="26.0831666666667" lon="-80.0953333333333"

Cape Gull - Robert Edmister Reef - lat="26.1532166666667" lon="-80.0806166666667"

Captain Dan Wreck - lat="26.2187833333333" lon="-80.0662333333333"

Copenhagen - lat="26.2058166666667" lon="-80.0851333333333"

Donal G Allister - lat="26.0091333333333" lon="-80.09275"

Guy Harvey - lat="26.2109166666667" lon="-80.0657666666666"

Hall of Fame Moorings - lat="26.1905" lon="-80.085"

Hammerhead Reef - lat="26.0875" lon="-80.0861"

Hog Heaven - lat="26.1341666666667" lon="-80.0808333333333"

Houseboat - lat="26.1468333333333" lon="-80.0833333333333"

Jay Scutty Tug - lat="26.1586666666667" lon="-80.0793333333333"

Jim Atria - lat="26.1645" lon="-80.0704166666667"

Mary St. Phillips - lat="26.2351666666667" lon="-80.06345"

Mercedes - lat="26.1561666666667" lon="-80.0752166666666"

Oakland Ridge Moorings - lat="26.1503333333333" lon="-80.0898333333333"

Rebel - lat="26.1708833333333" lon="-80.0722"

Rodeo - 25 - lat="26.2313" lon="-80.06355"

Rodeo Artificial Reef - lat="26.2311166666667" lon="-80.0671166666667"

Spotfin Reef - lat="26.098" lon="-80.0841666666667"

Tenneco Towers - lat="25.9821666666667" lon="-80.0857"

The Caves (Twin Ledges) - lat="26.1291666666667" lon="-80.091"

Union Express - lat="26.2403333333333" lon="-80.0585"

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